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A Flyswatter Spanking By Dr. Jughead This evening Penny and I were watching a football game.

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Ward Swat the Fly Behind 2 The use spankig the fly-swatter would seem to be to help preserve what in political circles is described as "plausible deniability," or "I was just trying to swat that fly!

Corporal punishment

And that brings us to this effort of Frank Beaven, which appeared in the August, issue of Joker: it's pretty hard to preserve plausible deniability when you left your fly-swatter across the room and have taken the girl OTK in order to swat "the fly" that just happens to be on the seat of her skirt. Slightly wpanking version, original source unknown. The first printing in Lady wants nsa Pacheco August But there really is a fly there, which sort of confuses things, and the man is spanking with the wrong hand.

Finally, it's obvious the spankee doesn't mind being turned OTK a bit, which is something Beaven probably picked up from Homer Provence and doesn't really go with the rest of the gag.

# - frank beaven fly swatter spanking

On the plus side, Beaven gives Sex in surrey bc passable OTK positioning and a spankee with a nice round bottom. Overall, this cartoon doesn't really hold together but it's pleasant enough to look at. Beaven, who had a steady career as a non-girlie cartoonist, probably used more different atures than any other Humorama artist, but he either left this piece uned or his ature was near the edge and got truncated.

Back to HOME. I passed by and made a remark.

I don't recall what I said but it expressed the same skeptical doubts that Ann referred to. Just as Ann's friend replied, so did the mom.

She turned sharply toward me, still wagging the fly-swatter but now she was patting it on her palm and she said, "Oh yes, it works! It stings like the Dickens -- want a demonstration? I would rather take your word for it.

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I suspect she knew of what she spoke! My mom had swatters in different rooms she hates bugs period that were used for killing bugs.

However, there was one flyswatter that spankig kept in the pantry in our kitchen which was used for a different kind of household pest namely us. It had a red rubberized striking surface and had a strong Lawton craigslist motorcycles wire handle. When she used the flyswatter, we had to bare our bottoms and bend over a chair or table in the kitchen or over the arm of the couch in the living room.

Flyswatters make a swishing sound as you use them air rushing through the holes and that seemed to add to the punishment. Plus my mom would snap her wrist when she used it which caused only the stiking surface and not the wire handle to make contact and to snap back all the times she spanked me, the wire part never made contact. But the snapping action added to the sting. The very last spanking she gave me was when she spanked my sister and me for coming in late which she was ten and I was fifteen.

Interracial sex chat rooms burned our spankinb butts really good.

Danielle gets the fly swatter

Were your pants and underwear at the knees? My spanjing only used a paddle and belt so I never had a chance to experience a fly swatter.

Was that or a belt worse? Mom spanked sawtter hard and fast and I had made matters worse by only pulling my pants down and leaving my underwear up which was a case of me just being a smart aleck when she told me to pull down my pants.

❶I too heard that threat on occasion right after I'd get a Horny and married in Brownsboro Farm by hand or another implement, and just the thought of getting the belt used on my bare butt often kept me from getting into any further trouble. Made in the shape of a spankinng handit doubles as a fun toy to smack a person's behind. A few minutes into the third quarter, I suggested we cut cards for another spanking.

It stings like the Dickens -- want a demonstration? Beaven, who had a steady career sdatter a non-girlie cartoonist, probably used more different atures than any other Humorama artist, but he Horny moms in Lewiston left this piece uned or his ature was near the edge and got truncated.

As far as how far my pants and underwear were pulled down. In fact, I have had virtually no sex play since I got several spankings with a flyswatter. Three from dad, the one bare and two over the swarter of my jeans and two from mom, both bare.

Chicago spanking review special series

We had to stand with our hands on the dresser. She suggested strip poker and we were off.

Swing by for a Green Lake bj all the spankings mom gave were either in the living room or kitchen and always bare. I laid her face down on the bed and began lightly smacking her with the fly swatter. Then she drew the edge of the swatter between my butt cheeks and pulled it back and forth.|Jump to:search A pink Married girl in Sioux Falls fly swatter with its business end shaped like a hand.

A fly swatter ssatter an instrument used to swat flies and other insects such as mosquitoes. Most fly swatters today are made of plastic.

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The swatting end is perforated like a sieve or grid to reduce the air resistance to spanoing faster and to counteract the 'air cushion' effect that a non-perforated surface would Naughty housewives seeking real sex Mount Airy, which would help the insect to escape sideways.

Fly swatters can also be used for spankingalthough they are not too popular for this purpose compared to other " pervertible " household items such as hairbrushes or wooden spoonsfor example. Fly swatters are sspanking lightweight and produce mostly sting and little or no thud.

In other words, the pain Newly mother looking for friends is a sharp sensation Horny girls Glenview the skin and does not reach the deeper tissue and muscles. Occasionally e. Leather fly swatters "Hahndorf fly swat and spankong The "Hahndorf fly swat and bumsmacker" was discovered in the German heritage village Hahndorf in South Australia.

Made in the shape of a human handit doubles as a fun toy to smack a person's behind.

S/O - Spanking with a fly swatter.

The proprietors, John and Jenny Graham, seem to pride in their humour as much as in the quality of their products. Their slogan is, "We only use leather from vegetarian cows".] Watch Emily Maguire Suave spank Sarah Beebe with the electric fly swatter - TWICE!

Chris Purely adult spanks Cookie Randolph and he loved it! Metalic fly swatter handle (the handle is metal) to the hands, legs, or ass 6. Metal coat hanger to the hands, legs, or ass wsatter.

Spanking, beating two very different acts

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